Free Phone Consultation

You are invited to schedule a free phone consultation with me. During the phone consultation (usually up to 15 minutes in duration) feel free to ask me about my methods, costs, confidentiality, experience, and insurance acceptance.  You can even ask questions about me (i.e. my personality, my family, etc.).  I’m glad to address whatever you need to know to help you in choosing a therapist.

It is during the first face-to-face session where you can go into more detail about your history, goals, and your life circumstances to address in counseling.  If you want counseling advice on your specific issue, it would be given during the first and subsequent face-to-face sessions.

Building a good working relationship in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance is vital to the counseling process. And, finding a counselor that you feel comfortable with is the first goal. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to help you select the right counselor to suit your needs.  I do work with a network of many providers.  If I’m not able to help you, I’ll do my best to give you the name of a therapist referral.

TEXT Name with the words “Schedule Free Phone Consult” to my business cell phone at 720-203-9223 to schedule a time which may be immediately or an agreed upon time.

OR CALL 720-203-9223 and leave a message requesting a Free Phone Consult.

Call or Email

CALL/TEXT 720-203-9223

Allow 3-5 business days for your email to be processed. For faster service:  Calls and Texts returned in less than 24 hours at 720-203-9223.

Contact Me

Office address: 13780 E. Rice Place, #101A, Aurora, CO  80015.
Located near the corners of Parker & Quincy in Aurora.

MOST face-to-face appointments are scheduled during afternoon and early evening hours Monday through Thursday with expanded days and times for phone sessions.
Call the confidential counseling line at (720) 203-9223